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 Healthcare supply chain data       made smart and easy to use.

  • Cross Referencing
  • Quoting & Ordering
  • Count Sheets
  • Repair
  • Off-Site Processing

Descriptions, Prices, Pictures, Cross References.

About Us

Healthcare supply chain data has been unorganized for far too long. Cross Referencing between items and company catalogs is inconsistent, unreliable, and time consuming. Descriptions and interpretations of measures vary wildly by catalog. Hospital Count Sheets are full of errors that create preventable mistakes in ordering, and in turn, in surgeries.

This is where PEARIS comes in.  PEARIS software and tools provide turnkey solutions to resolve these everyday problems for you.

With well over 1 million catalog items, pictures, descriptions and categories to search, you can cross reference, quote, order, create count sheets, and more. Whether you're a nurse, a manufacturer, an SPD technician or a sales rep – PEARIS tools work for you. 

PEARIS Quoting & Cross ​Referencing

Take a look at how PEARIS can help simplify your daily tasks

PEARIS Promises



PEARIS Promises to use the best security and encryption processes available to ensure your data is safe and 100% HIPAA compliant.

Big Data 

PEARIS Promises to provide clean, smart catalog data for the healthcare supply chain that is transparent and searchable for you.

Reporting and Insights

PEARIS Promises to give you the best market insights available in the industry today. From competitive analysis to customer and user activity. 

Save Money

PEARIS Promises no additional costs of any kind to manage your system beyond what's included in your turnkey price.

Cloud Based

PEARIS Promises a secure cloud based solution that provides accessibility to your services from any PC or device, anywhere in the world.

Customer Support

PEARIS Promises to be available to you and your Customers. We work hard to ensure everyone gets the support they need. 

Save Time

PEARIS Promises to save you time and create efficiency. Reduce quoting & cross referencing processes from hours to seconds.


PEARIS Promises to keep your system and cross reference data up to date. Rely on our experts to maintain your system. 


PEARIS Promises to be available cross-platform and to provide API's for major databases like Oracle, SQL, Sage and Salesforce.

Meet the PEARIS Leadership Team


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